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Dear Chamber Executive.


We are expanding our local television programming

venture into your community soon with a national

and international TV show plan with local coverage.


Our host, Zack Heart ... an Australian adventurer

and TV executive from this amazing island nation

has taken America by storm ... and is a huge

fan of the legendary Huell Howser TV Program.


Zack's new TV program, "Walkabout with Zack Heart"

takes the spirit of Huell's California Gold TV program

with a little taste of Crocodile Dundee to the many

communities of the Golden State.


Working with a global TV company, Planet X 

with their 25th Anniversary coming in 2020, 

Zack and his TV crew will be in touch to discuss

their partnership proposal with your chamber.


Zack ... who also ran Planet X's TV operations in the

South Pacific and a hugely successful TV station

in Melbourne... will be in your community to produce

a series of TV specials ("Walkabout") on the unique

aspects of what makes your piece of California Great!


Basic Media Plan and Project - 


01 - With the kind support of an Australian partner who

wants to help small town America, we are bringing a

greatly subsidized media and video production plan

to our partner communities (via local Chambers).


02 - We have a simple formula where we will

work with the Chamber as our local voice and

partner where we will secure four Chamber

Members to be feature stories within a full

length 30 minute "Walkabout" TV special

with a small production fee of $1,500 per

member (with a contribution of $1,000 

from the Chamber for each segment).


Program Breakdown - 


- 30 Min. TV Special

- $1,500 per of Four Members 

----- $6,000 total from Members

- $1,000 per Member Video Segment (from the Chamber)

----- $4,000 total from Chamber

$10,000 Total Fee (Additional $10,000 Fee Waived)


- Each Member receives a four minute feature video segment

in an entertaining and informative manner... with Zack as host.

- There will be four Primary Video Features in each local TV special.

- The Chamber and local community will be featured in the same

TV special as well with interviews, travel feature/s, community

highlights and more (a total of 4 to 5 minutes of bonus video content).

- The TV special will air on national TV in the US and many foreign

markets as well (info to be discussed with Chamber).


*It may interest the Chamber to actually use a special local event as the actual our primary feature story of the TV special (such as a local sports event, parade, food festival, etc.).


- All involved parties (Chamber, Members, City, etc.) receive all

rights to the video content for their own use (local TV, web, social

media, etc.).


- Zack Heart will be available to promote Chamber events and local

activities (as part of an overall, long term relationship with the Chamber).


* Our Australian benefactor grew up in a small town and wants to help

preserve local culture, business and commerce ... he is a huge fan of

Americana and wants to support our local mission with "Walkabout". 


We will be targeting national partners to come

aboard such as banks and telecom companies

to add more support to our program in the form

of special events, campaigns and more (in full

cooperation of our Chamber partners and local

members - to be discussed).


As above, we will be an active media partner of

your community and Chamber for many years

to come!

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