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Ten Years in the Making, “Walkabout with Outback Zack” is a new TV Series and digital media program that has the spirit of an Australian Adventure Star in America featuring the “Best of the West” ... following in the footsteps of legendary TV personality, Huell Howser and California's Gold. Every Town, Community and City has amazing stories, people and entities that others want to know about!  With a fun mix of video features and local exploration Aussie Style ... Outback Zack wants to tell your story!  Working with local Chambers of Commerce and its leadership, a critical media partnership plan will take place to insure that its community and roster of members are well supported (on TV specials, etc.) as Walkabout is designed to help Local Businesses & promote growth in Commerce, Tourism, & Reputation.


As a unique element the fun mix includes wild animal action & conservation from our amazing partner, Santa Ana Zoo & other Inland Empire animal facilities!  And, joining Outback Zack each episode will be a high achieving youth from different cities to get a youngsters unadulterated point of view! Which is always Golden.


Walkabout with Outback Zack has arrived at a pivotal time with current events as it is all about 'Good-Will' and making the world a better place to be in. Viewers will be entertained & educated along the way, and are sure to have there hearts warmed. 

In time, Zack will become a virtual ambassador for each community and local Chamber, people and more. ... And always available as a featured personality for local events, fundraisers and campaigns (to help out!). The Walkabout Crew is a “Who’s Who” of major TV and media (with top credentials from ABC, Fox & NBC! 

Walkabout is All About You and Your Community!

“Walkabout with Outback Zack, a 1hr television program is hitting the TV airwaves in Southern California and nationally with a magic formula that works with local Chambers of Commerce on a media & video content plan."

      Chamber of Commerce Plan


       Each selected city's Chamber of Commerce will receive the following:

  • Four Chamber of Commerce Members (businesses) will be featured on each Walkabout episode with a dedicated story & theme that genuinely promotes who they are, what they do, and their service and/or products to the local community and nationally.


  • Each Chamber Member will receive a professionally produced Television segment that will air in the local TV Special and Walkabout with Outback Zack media Channel.

  • Included, Members will receive full rights to their video segment for their marketing, websites, social media.


  • The Chamber itself will also be featured and showcased in the same TV program with the Chamber Director talking about their city & members along with a special event or topic of local interest providing a well rounded TV program of mutual interest and for viewers.


  • As a bonus, OutbackZack will also act as an Emcee (for a special local event).

       Includes all video rights, airing plan, production, labor, editing.


     * Long term plan is to establish a relationship with each community and to establish a personal                         connection to support events, PR, marketing, tourism, innovation programs, and more.

       For more information - info@outbackzack.com

More about the show & the Host

Hosted by Aussie TV Personality, Wildlife Expert, Conservationist & Adventurer, Zack Heart “aka Outback Zack” - OutbackZack Media Group & Planet X TV are proud to talk-about the all NEW TV series hitting Southern California cities, 
“Walkabout with Outback Zack!”


"Walkabout is a TV program in the spirit of Huell Howser’s “California’s Gold”, a show loved by millions of fans, that puts the TV spotlight on communities big and small.

How does the Walkabout TV Series do that?

Zack is on a ‘walk-about’ (Australian Style) exploring each city’s absolute go-to-places, local businesses and attractions, events, local culture, nature, sports, history and fascinating people & brands... With real life stories, action content, intrigue and more! And… Zack has chosen the Inland Empire for WALKABOUT Season One! - Our partner / clients will be our local tour guides on each adventure story.  The Walkabout TV program offers unique brands and local businesses a direct link to the entertainment world with a powerful formula, a TV program plan, a professional level video content resource and a highly affordable means to gain exposure on a local and national level. Join Outback Zack and Walkaboout’s adventure, exploration, and local storytelling that results in a fun, exciting and engaging television experience.

History of Walkabout (2009 to 2020) -

Working with Planet X and my TV station in Melbourne, Australia, CH-31, a big part of my mission was to reach out to the outlying communities within the Aussie State of Victoria to feature and promote small towns of Australia. Be it Queenscliff, Drysdale, Portarlington, Echuca or Mildura, cool towns everywhere can use a boost in media exposure & expertise. As we embarked on our own ‘Walkabout’ all over Victoria, Australia, it's worst firestorm hit... As a wildlife specialist and conservationist, I immediately went out into the fire grounds with a camera crew to document the devastation and produce a TV special to raise money for the animal rescue organization Wildlife Victoria. It raised half a million dollars. Whilst in the fire affected areas I witnessed countless kangaroos and koalas that were in desperate need of being rescued. We did what we could... It was gut wrenching to the point it was a struggle to hold back the tears. Towns incinerated. From these events, the people, businesses, animals, and local towns affected, I saw the Walkabout TV Program and project. A show that embraces local nature with local culture and promotes it's growth. Which is what they need and deserve.

I came to America with the mission to make Walkabout paramount to every local community. Working with Planet X TV has now made it a reality, and I look forward to helping your community.

Zack Heart




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