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Coyote Gives Birth at Californian High School.

Coyote gives birth at Californian High School

Coyote Gives Birth at Californian High School!

By Outbackzack.

The story behind this photo… Hmm well it goes like this. A Coyote couple made a terrible mistake. They chose to build their home at a high school in Rancho Cucamonga, #California. Why did they do this you may ask? They were about to become proud #parents... The den was dug out by both parents for Mom to give birth and nurse the young. They usually have more than one den. Pups are moved around to escape flea buildup and as a safety precaution. But they don’t use den’s year-round. They are like a bird’s nest, temporary, but may use it again the following year. Coyotes sleep out in the open.

Momma #coyote gave birth to 11 beautiful Pups! This is a little girl I have and was bottle feeding. Your next question is probably why this pup is in my hands and not with her Mom… Sadly, it’s because California Fish & Wildlife were called in. Coyotes living at a high school is a problem and then throw in the fact they will have 11 pups to feed. However doubtful the situation could end in a child fatality the potential threat had to be dealt with.

Fish & Wildlife officials arrived at the den and they found the pups. Mom and dad were nowhere to be seen. But I’m sure they were watching from a distance… The pups were picked up and the den was destroyed. To re-den the pups at a safe location away from human establishment simply wasn’t an option as they didn’t have their Mom. The Mom would need to find them. Relocating them to a greater distance also creates other issues such as they may put pressure on an area that is already at its carrying capacity. Trapping the Mom was an option for them to keep the family together for the relocation but this wasn't done unfortunately.

The pups were taken to Sunshine Haven Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center in Riverside. 4 of the pups died. But the others have luckily found a home at three different wildlife sanctuaries where they will live out their lives. These little guys and girls can’t be rehabbed for release back to the wild sadly as they imprint on us humans. These pups were at that age…

So, the bad news is the parents lost their babies…but the great news is 7 pups have a home where they will be cared for and hopefully live long healthy lives. The other great news is I was blessed to spend lots of time with this precious little creation… I don’t have human kids of my own. Hopefully one day and soooon! Just need to find the other half of the equation first... : ) I get so…as they say, ‘clucky’ when I have animal babies like this doting on me. I can only imagine what its like for you Moms out there with #newborns. Experiences like the one I had here are incredible and unique every single time, never to be forgotten...

If you would like to play a part in helping this little girl you can! She needs lots of milk! You can send a donation of any amount to Karolyn by simply clicking on this link:


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